Special Deal of the Week: Row Row Row Your Boat…

Running a little special this week (Ends January 20th). Get two of these hand sculpted rowboats (cast in white resin). Handpainted as shown with a set of oars. Normalyl $15 dollars each. You get TWO for $25.00 plus $3.50 shipping. (U.S. addresses only. For overseas orders check with my on postage rates).   Tweet

Handpainted rowboat wth oars (28mm) now available.

  Someone pointed out this rowboat never made it up on the Esty shop as a separate listing. Now fixed. You can order it here: https://www.etsy.com/listing/504259109/rowboat-with-oars-handpainted-28mm-scale?ref=shop_home_active_1 Tweet

New Ship package running for a limited time.

Just a head’s up I’m raising money to replace the bay doors on my workshop. A whooping one grand hit I’d like to cover with the stuff I actually make in the shop. So here’s the deal. For a hundred bucks you get the three ships/boats pictured — all hand painted by yours truly and […]

Tweaking the Graceful Lady

Relaxing day with the dog snowed in. Working on the latest issue of Knights of the Dinner Table with some breaks tweaking the new rigging configuration for my large sailing ship. Very happy with the swappable sails. You can swap them with one hand in about 3 seconds. Also added a new tiller design and […]

Ship Ahoy Part Two: The Big Build

  As promised more work in progress pics on the new ship. I haven’t had a lot of time to work on this since my last post although that doesn’t mean I haven’t made some speedy progress. I’m finding combining the 3D printed frame work with my self-deigned wooden plank stamps is really speeding things […]

Adventures in 3D Printing continued…

  Been a busy year. Since getting the 3D printer in February, I’ve become the proud papa of a SECOND printer. Twice as much fun and twice the output.  I’ve been meaning to share some walk thru’s on my design process from concept to end piece but alas my bandwidth these past few months has […]

Update on my adventures in 3D Printing

So back in February I reported had dipped my toe into 3D printing. It’s been quite an adventure. I still find it fascinating. More importantly, I find it inspirational. As one of my friends recently told me, “Jolly you seem be be having a creative explosion”. It’s true. As a writer who cranks out a […]

Exalted Die Shrines

    For the past three months or so I’ve been slowly building up a small batch/short run of the Exalted Die Shrines. I wanted to have 25 for Con on the Cob. I’ve managed to do 20. This is a limited run set. I may do more in the future but with alerations. Whatever […]

So you want to paint a ship…? Tutorial: Part Three

Okay, so we’ve let our first coat of paint dry. Time to add the next layer. This time we’ll be dry brushing. I use a cheap dry brush for the purpose from Michaels (Craftsmart) that was made for oil paints and is about a 1/2 inch wide. The stiffer the bristles the better. You will […]

Summertime, Summertime, BUSY time…

Been awhile since I posted here. Apologies.  Summer is my busiest time of year. The con season starts with GaryCon and then it’s just a losing battle of trying to stay on top of the KODT monthly schedule up until fall when I finally can play catch up. On the other hand it’s great seeing […]