The “Busy Time of the Year”

  Life continues to be busy as we edge into our busiest time of the year hear. With near back to back conventions (Origins, Nexus and GenCon) if I’m not prepping for a con in the coming weeks, I’m recovering from one. And through it all the monthly issues of Knights of the Dinner Table […]

Savin’ Copper Pieces #1

Been getting a few pokes the past week or so asking when I’m going to do some walk thrus on these projects I mentioned a while back. Well — life’s been busy. I’m desperately trying to catch up on Knights of the Dinner Table and knock two issues out before Origins in three weeks. Next […]

Checking in

Life continues to be busy. Haven’t had much time for new sculpts recently other than some small goods/cargo items I’ve knocked out on my Funday-Sundays. I did manage to paint up this ship last night. As I mentioned a few posts ago, I received some of Gamer Decor’s aged wood painting sets. Thought I’d give […]

Hoist the Sails!

Last special the wife ran on her resin pieces went so well she’s running another one. One week only.   Get the dock as pictured with a small boat, rigging and a cargo load as a group. All unpainted (white resin). Includes the following 2 x footer/risers 1 x Straight dock/pier span 1 x 45 degree […]

Cargo Loads

  Not much time for sculpting lately – except for 15 minutes here and there during writing breaks. For a long time I’ve been wanting to do little cargo loads (blocks of goods and trade items) for my boats and ox cart. Setting up the port it’s a PITA putting out all the little fiddly bits. […]

Row, Row, Row Your Boat…

Another quick post today. Still playing catch-up on Knights of the Dinner Table after GaryCon. One of the things I felt was missing from the Port of Chaos as I watched gamers playing on it during its debut at the con were smaller boats. Little 1 to 3 man craft that would be used ferry […]

Gary Con Report

    Welcome back. Been sort of quiet here the past week or so. The wife and were at GaryCon in Lake Geneva celebrating the life of Gary Gygax along with hundreds of our fellow gamers. What a great time. Tossing dice with good friends is my idea of a good time. GaryCon VII was […]

Gearing up For GaryCon

  Been busy with getting Knights of the Dinner Table to press (#220) and preparing for GaryCon here the past week or so. Haven’t had time to post. It is a race to finish up approximately 30 ships/boats and over fifty dock/pier pieces for the event we’re running at the show. My friend Steve Lawrence […]


  When the wife and I first started making molds and casting in resin were pretty much winging it and flying by the seat of our pants. One thing we did was pour a lot of miscasts. Usually short pours here the resin didn’t quite fill the mold but sometimes an air bubble was the culprit. […]

Port of Chaos

So anyone who has been following my posts on Face Book the last couple of years (or this blog) knows I’ve been somewhat obsessed with all things nautical when it come stop my home HackMaster campaign. The island campaign that started about three years ago led to me collecting and then sculpting and building ships […]