Lighthouse/Temple: More on the base

Well, as it turns out I had a bit of time Saturday to work on the lighthouse base a bit more. As I mentioned before this light house also serves as a temple. Originally I was going to go for a surf swept rock as the base but as I started adding the various washes […]

It’s all about the Base, the Base, the Base

  Haven’t had much time to sculpt the last week or so. After finishing up the Lighthouse/Temple piece I decided it needed a proper base to be perched on — high above the crashing surf. Been a few years since I’ve sculpted extruded foam but it didn’t take long to bust the rust. Here’s some […]

A Bridge too Far…

  A few weeks ago I pointed out these doll house picket fences (four bucks for 36 inches) I found at Micheals. I immediately realized they might make great fodder to build swinging bridges. As luck would have it my buddy Craig Zipse sent me a box of terrain related goodies. In the box there […]

Resin Casting: Taking the Dip

  As I pointed out a few weeks ago when I started discussing terrain building here, I’m something of a noob when it comes to this hobby, relatively speaking that is. Although I’ve dabbled in making things here and there for my tabletop games over the years, they were always quick and dirty pieces that […]

My next project: Harbor Light House

So here’s my next weekend project. Recently I was at Michaels and spotted this little bird house (9 inches high) fashioned to look like a light house. I had already been thinking of doing a follow up to the Pringles Tower but wanted to do somethign a bit different. It occured to be the bird […]

The Fleet Grows…

The new ship has been added to the fleet. Need to rig it with sails and paint the hardware at some point. This one sat on my shelf for year after I first started sculpting it. Nice to see it finished and ready for table top play. Can’t wait to see it loaded down with […]

The Master Builder…

Quick post to hopefully steer some of you toward a very cool Etsy shop featuring some tabletop gaming pieces that I happen to love. I may be biased. My good buddy, Craig Zipse has been amazing me for years with his tabletop gaming corrections. The designer of the board game, Great Space Race, Craig’s passion […]


  Another plug for the wife’s Esty Shop. I just handed over my “Evil Idol” sculpt for her to cast/sell.   Comes hand painted as shown or you can opt to paint it yourself. Tweet

Making Shingles: A revisit

The other day when walking visitors through the process I used to make shingles on the tower, I described a process for making smaller, fish-scale shingles. The result can be much more dramatic than larger/block shingles (which admittedly much easier to do). Last week I noticed some scallop edging sheers on Amazon for four bucks […]

Pringles Tower: Part 5

Had a few questions about the previous steps tossed at me. Thought I’d address them here. Q: Why didn’t you cut out the windows? Looks like you simply painted the openings black. A: That’s exactly right. Originally I wanted to open those windows up and maybe even put some LED lights in side. Would be […]