Cages – We’ve Got Cages

Been crazy busy here with my real job (monthly issue of Knights of the Dinner Table and other product). But — I have had time to dable with both sculpting and 3D design work during breaks in writing. The HUGE ship I talked about in my last post has been coming along slowly. A few […]

Ship Ahoy!!!

  Hey folks. LONG time since I’ve posted here. Been a busy, busy summer with all the cons and monthly comic. Seems like Fall and Winter is the time of year where I can settled in on those long nights and get some building and sculpting done during writing breaks. So I’ve been feeling that […]

So you want to paint a ship…? Tutorial: Part Four

So know we’re ready for our third shade of paint. Again we will be dry brushing and THIS time a little will go a long way. You can take this one too far very easily so the trick is remember “less is more”. And if you screw up (I have often times on this step) […]

So you want to paint a ship…? Tutorial: Part Two

Okay, so I warned you this might be slow going.  Deep in some deadline driven work on the comic so I was distracted for a few days with no chance to paint during breaks. Finally found sometime before supper tonight. This step will be brief.   First layer of paint This step is easy. Basically […]

So you want to paint a ship…? Tutorial: Part One

  Okay so I’ve been getting a lot of emails from folks who bought one of my ships off the wife’s Etsy shop — basically asking how I go about painting mine. I’ve been promising to do a walk thru but with so many distractions this summer the project just kept getting side-burnered. Now that […]

Game Decor paints

  Okay today’s entry could be considered a review,  but I like to think of it more as a ‘first glance’. So I’ve been eyeing Game Decor‘s paints ever since their Kickstarter a while back. I paint a lot of terrain and always feel like I could do better of it. Knowing which shades of paint, […]

Pimp my Crib

So my business partner gave me this scratch built building he bought off eBay. He had a bit of buyer’s remorse — wasn’t quite what he expected (He’s a huge MBA collector). Nothing against whoever built the thing by the way if you happened to be out there. Has a nice sound design and I […]

Cargo Hoist Project

One of the things missing from the Port of Chaos was some sort of crain or hoist to aid in the unloading of cargo on the larger ships.  I looked at some kits available at various sites online but for the most part they were way too big for my purposes or not exactly what […]

  Okay, so time for a new project. Last year my wife and I bought some Keelber brand Waffle cones at the grocery store. When I opened the packaging I discovered some sort on fancy foam carton-thingy designed to keep the cones from rattling around and breaking during shipment. My observant wife immediately pointed out, […]

More on the Wreck

    Haven’t had much time to work on anything the past few days. But I did return to the shipwreck piece during some breaks in writing yesterday. I always try to keep something next to my computer when I get a little writer’s block by the way. Something about picking up a bit of […]