Pringles Tower: Part 5

Had a few questions about the previous steps tossed at me. Thought I’d address them here. Q: Why didn’t you cut out the windows? Looks like you simply painted the openings black. A: That’s exactly right. Originally I wanted to open those windows up and maybe even put some LED lights in side. Would be […]

Pringles Tower: Part 4

Wow, folks are actually reading this thing. Had quite a few questions yesterday. I’ll try to address some of them today. The rest will have to wait. Someone asked for a video showing the actual sculpting process – let me put that on the “to do” list. Nudge me if I get distracted. Before we […]

Pringles Tower: Part 3

  Okay, so we’ve poured our foundation and applied our first sheath of pressed clay. Now it’s time to start sculpting. Again, the first thing I do is to use a flat edged thin tool to mark out my grid for the stone work. I press to tool into the clay right down to the […]

Pringles Tower: Part 2

  Based on comments coming in, a lot of you are wanting more information on the polymer clay and exactly how I use it in my projects. So I’ll try going into a bit more detail. For those familiar with the stuff just skip through those parts. Okay, we have the foundation on our tower […]

The Pringles Tower: Part 1

Okay, so as promised, I’m going to walk you through making a pringles tower. If you follow me on Face Book you undoubtedly saw the work-in-progress pics I posted over the course of the last six weeks or so. I generally spend about an hour each day sculpting. Sometimes I remember to take WIP pics. […]

GameMaster’s Forge — Let’s do this.

Anyone who knows me (or follows me online) knows I have a passion for GMing. I love everything about it, the prepping, setting out snacks and firing up tunes while waiting for the players, rubbing elbows with other gamers as they try to crack the adventure I’ve laid out before them. The great thing about […]