Boy I was right about Summer being busy…

Just realized this morning it has been a few months since my last post here. Summers are terribly busy at KenzerCo. The big cons back to back with smaller cons scattered in between here and there drag all of us away from our desks. There’s time lost prepping before a con which wrecks production/concentration and of course there’s […]

KODT Live Action Series: On the Set — Report Day 3 &4

One thing this noob has learned on the set is that there is very little free time during a shooting day. When scenes aren’t actually being filmed, actors are pacing in corners or on stair wells practiczing their lines, camera crews are setting up for the next shot, food’s being hauled in… My job is […]

KODT Live Action Series: On-the-Set Diary Day 2

Hectic shooting schedule here so this one will be short. Tuesday’s shoot ran from around 9 a.m. til 10 p.m. or so. For the second day in a row production came in two hours or so ahead of schedule. Thanks to the great actors, direction and  excellent production/prep we moved  through the script at a […]

KODT Live Action Series: On-the-Set Diary Day 1

Yesterday was surreal. I made the long drive down from Chicago to Brandenburg, KY feeling like an expectant father rushing to the hospital to witness the birth of a child. My good (bestest) buddy, Craig Zipse was riding with me. Between sessions of blasting tunes on my iPod playlist and downing massive quantities of Monster […]

My KODT Live Action Series (On the Set) Diary…

Filming on Knights of the Dinner Table the Live Action Series is set to start in less than 24 hours. I thought I’d keep an On-the-Set Diary this coming week and post it here. Look for commentary, sneak peeks (photos) and other tidbits. I will update/post as I’m able. 😉 Tweet