Cages – We’ve Got Cages

Been crazy busy here with my real job (monthly issue of Knights of the Dinner Table and other product). But — I have had time to dable with both sculpting and 3D design work during breaks in writing. The HUGE ship I talked about in my last post has been coming along slowly. A few […]

Workin’ the Shipyard

  This weekend I’ve been busy pushing 15 of the large ships through the yard. As I reported a few days ago, I’m offering  my large sailing ship along with a rowboat and cargo piece — all hand painted and rigged and ready for table top. I decided to do a 15 ship batch. As […]

Hoist the sails!!!

I’ve got a deck to build and some large trees I have to have cut down and haul away. Hirelings in the real world don’t work cheap. That’s where you come in. I’m doing a special deal on my large resin sailing ship this week. I’m doing a batch of 15 sets that includes the […]

GaryCon Cometh

  Well GaryCon is just around the corner. Two years of pulling together the waterfront/harbor set-up that’s been rattling around in my brain pan is finally coming together. Still lots to do. Most of my weeks as of late has bee spent casting, painting and scrounging up more bits for the event that will debut […]

New Stuff

Quick head’s up — several new items up on the wife’s Etsy shop. This large ship (11.5 inches tip to tip). Only 25 of this particular ship will be cast.   and a few Dock/Bridge sets. Check ’em out. Barb needs the fun bucks. 😉   Tweet

Fantasy Carts

Amber’s Secret Cove Thought I’d plug my wife’s Etsy shop real quick. (See the button for Amber’s Secret Cove to the right or just click HERE). Once I’ve done sculpting a piece, I give it to Barb and mold/cast to put up on her shop. Well — most of my pieces. Some are a bit […]