Resin Casting: Taking the Dip

  As I pointed out a few weeks ago when I started discussing terrain building here, I’m something of a noob when it comes to this hobby, relatively speaking that is. Although I’ve dabbled in making things here and there for my tabletop games over the years, they were always quick and dirty pieces that […]

Paint and Play

  Haven’t had much free time to work on terrain as of late – too many pressing deadlines. But I have managed to set aside thirty minutes each morning to devote to painting up some of the projects that have been piling up on my shelf. I’m painting up a set of my dock/pier pieces […]

My next project: Harbor Light House

So here’s my next weekend project. Recently I was at Michaels and spotted this little bird house (9 inches high) fashioned to look like a light house. I had already been thinking of doing a follow up to the Pringles Tower but wanted to do somethign a bit different. It occured to be the bird […]

Release the Kraken!!

  Someone pointed out last night that I promised to do a walk through on making the large Kraken mini I posted pictures of last year. This guy;   This is actually a quick build. And — if you already have a bit of Sculpy and the paint, a cheap one. Right up front I […]

The Fleet Grows…

The new ship has been added to the fleet. Need to rig it with sails and paint the hardware at some point. This one sat on my shelf for year after I first started sculpting it. Nice to see it finished and ready for table top play. Can’t wait to see it loaded down with […]

Building a Roto Caster

So lately, I’ve been looking at a lot of do it yourself plans on making a roto caster. A year ago I didn’t even know what a roto caster was — now I REALLY want one. Why…? So I can cast some of my larger pieces (like one of my larger ships and a stone […]

The Master Builder…

Quick post to hopefully steer some of you toward a very cool Etsy shop featuring some tabletop gaming pieces that I happen to love. I may be biased. My good buddy, Craig Zipse has been amazing me for years with his tabletop gaming corrections. The designer of the board game, Great Space Race, Craig’s passion […]

New Stuff

Quick head’s up — several new items up on the wife’s Etsy shop. This large ship (11.5 inches tip to tip). Only 25 of this particular ship will be cast.   and a few Dock/Bridge sets. Check ’em out. Barb needs the fun bucks. 😉   Tweet

Day’s Big Find: Swing for the Fences

  Great find, I wanted to share with you. Noticed some picket fence material at Michaels. $3.00 for 36 inches. I immediately saw adventurers crossing a rickety swinging bridge and bit. When I got home, I realized just how suitable the material is for such a mod. The wire is braided and stiff enough hold […]

The Mountain Fortress

This one is for Dave Gross, my former boss. Dave was editor of Dragon Magazine back in the 90’s and the guy who ushered Knights of the Dinner Table into that zine  and made one my bucket lists come true (getting published in Dragon). It also gave KODT a much needed boost in exposure, a wave I’m still […]