Port of Chaos

So anyone who has been following my posts on Face Book the last couple of years (or this blog) knows I’ve been somewhat obsessed with all things nautical when it come stop my home HackMaster campaign. The island campaign that started about three years ago led to me collecting and then sculpting and building ships […]

Lighthouse/Temple: More on the base

Well, as it turns out I had a bit of time Saturday to work on the lighthouse base a bit more. As I mentioned before this light house also serves as a temple. Originally I was going to go for a surf swept rock as the base but as I started adding the various washes […]

It’s all about the Base, the Base, the Base

  Haven’t had much time to sculpt the last week or so. After finishing up the Lighthouse/Temple piece I decided it needed a proper base to be perched on — high above the crashing surf. Been a few years since I’ve sculpted extruded foam but it didn’t take long to bust the rust. Here’s some […]

Light House Progress Report

Hooray for long weekends and frigid temperatures. A great excuse to stay at home in the shop, relaxing with the dog, listening to tunes and sculpting. Made it my goal Saturday to finally finish up painting the light house I started last month.   Just a reminder — I started with a wooden birdhouse purchased […]

Progress report

You know this blog wasn’t intended to be JUST about making table top terrain, that’s just ONE of many categories I hoped to touch upon here. My plan is to discuss anything that happens to be on my mind on any given morning. Just so happens that as of late, I’m usually thinking to terrain. […]

A Bridge too Far…

  A few weeks ago I pointed out these doll house picket fences (four bucks for 36 inches) I found at Micheals. I immediately realized they might make great fodder to build swinging bridges. As luck would have it my buddy Craig Zipse sent me a box of terrain related goodies. In the box there […]

Harbor Light House Update

  I mentioned a few weeks ago that I was transforming this birdhouse I picked up at Michaels into a lighthouse. It’s been slow going – I’ve only been working on it thirty minutes at a time here and there. But with the snow storm over the weekend I finally had some time to sit […]