Gearing up For GaryCon

  Been busy with getting Knights of the Dinner Table to press (#220) and preparing for GaryCon here the past week or so. Haven’t had time to post. It is a race to finish up approximately 30 ships/boats and over fifty dock/pier pieces for the event we’re running at the show. My friend Steve Lawrence […]

More on the Wreck

    Haven’t had much time to work on anything the past few days. But I did return to the shipwreck piece during some breaks in writing yesterday. I always try to keep something next to my computer when I get a little writer’s block by the way. Something about picking up a bit of […]


  When the wife and I first started making molds and casting in resin were pretty much winging it and flying by the seat of our pants. One thing we did was pour a lot of miscasts. Usually short pours here the resin didn’t quite fill the mold but sometimes an air bubble was the culprit. […]

GaryCon Cometh

  Well GaryCon is just around the corner. Two years of pulling together the waterfront/harbor set-up that’s been rattling around in my brain pan is finally coming together. Still lots to do. Most of my weeks as of late has bee spent casting, painting and scrounging up more bits for the event that will debut […]