Hoist the Sails!

Last special the wife ran on her resin pieces went so well she’s running another one. One week only.   Get the dock as pictured with a small boat, rigging and a cargo load as a group. All unpainted (white resin). Includes the following 2 x footer/risers 1 x Straight dock/pier span 1 x 45 degree […]

Game Decor paints

  Okay today’s entry could be considered a review,  but I like to think of it more as a ‘first glance’. So I’ve been eyeing Game Decor‘s paints ever since their Kickstarter a while back. I paint a lot of terrain and always feel like I could do better of it. Knowing which shades of paint, […]

Pimp my Crib

So my business partner gave me this scratch built building he bought off eBay. He had a bit of buyer’s remorse — wasn’t quite what he expected (He’s a huge MBA collector). Nothing against whoever built the thing by the way if you happened to be out there. Has a nice sound design and I […]

Cargo Loads

  Not much time for sculpting lately – except for 15 minutes here and there during writing breaks. For a long time I’ve been wanting to do little cargo loads (blocks of goods and trade items) for my boats and ox cart. Setting up the port it’s a PITA putting out all the little fiddly bits. […]

Cargo Hoist Project

One of the things missing from the Port of Chaos was some sort of crain or hoist to aid in the unloading of cargo on the larger ships.  I looked at some kits available at various sites online but for the most part they were way too big for my purposes or not exactly what […]

Row, Row, Row Your Boat…

Another quick post today. Still playing catch-up on Knights of the Dinner Table after GaryCon. One of the things I felt was missing from the Port of Chaos as I watched gamers playing on it during its debut at the con were smaller boats. Little 1 to 3 man craft that would be used ferry […]

  Okay, so time for a new project. Last year my wife and I bought some Keelber brand Waffle cones at the grocery store. When I opened the packaging I discovered some sort on fancy foam carton-thingy designed to keep the cones from rattling around and breaking during shipment. My observant wife immediately pointed out, […]

Gary Con Report

    Welcome back. Been sort of quiet here the past week or so. The wife and were at GaryCon in Lake Geneva celebrating the life of Gary Gygax along with hundreds of our fellow gamers. What a great time. Tossing dice with good friends is my idea of a good time. GaryCon VII was […]