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Thought I’d plug my wife’s Etsy shop real quick. (See the button for Amber’s Secret Cove to the right or just click HERE).

Once I’ve done sculpting a piece, I give it to Barb and mold/cast to put up on her shop. Well — most of my pieces. Some are a bit more complex and beyond our ability at the moment, but we’re working on it.

I did this cart about a year ago and we made a mold from it. Unfortunately there was a flaw in the chassis which needed fixed. Just took me 11 months to get around to it. Anyway, long story short, it’s fixed now and available on the Cove.

They are unpainted in these pictures but you get the idea.

The inspiration was taken from the old Roman carts (with five foot wheels). I always loved the tandem carts pulled by a team of oxen. Also, as a player, I always hated those dinky carts/wagons the GM used to set out for us. Seriously? You expect us to load our loot into THAT…?

Eventually, I’ll be doing a four wheeled version with a longer box.

Anyway, there’s my plug.


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