Making Shingles: A revisit

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The other day when walking visitors through the process I used to make shingles on the tower, I described a process for making smaller, fish-scale shingles. The result can be much more dramatic than larger/block shingles (which admittedly much easier to do).

Last week I noticed some scallop edging sheers on Amazon for four bucks and decided to bit. Boy am I glad I did.

This little wonders make quick work of what I had been attempting with much better results. Check it out.



No more marking of strips every quarter inch for my cut marks – just cut your strip adn then come back and use the edges of your scallop as you cut line to split each tile. Done!

Again, this might be something more experienced builders have known about but I’m still feeling my way along so this was a nice little discovery.

If you’re looking for a pair here’s the link on Amazon.

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