The Mountain Fortress

This one is for Dave Gross, my former boss. Dave was editor of Dragon Magazine back in the 90’s and the guy who ushered Knights of the Dinner Table into that zine  and made one my bucket lists come true (getting published in Dragon). It also gave KODT a much needed boost in exposure, a wave I’m still currently riding today in terms of the comic paying the bills. (thanks Dave).

Anyway, the other day, Dave posted that he wanted to see some pictures of a terrain piece I built a few years ago (called the “Mountain Fortress”). Since folks ask that piece from time to time (and I’ve forgotten the links to where I originally posted the pics), I thought I’d just post them here.

Back Story

The Mountain Fortress was the first  serious attempt at manking terrain, I ever attempted. At the time (back in 2010), I was looking to build something exciting to run combat demos of HackMaster on at conventions. I was toying with the idea of a “King of the Mountain” scenario and trying to figure out how to approach it when I stumbled by accident on the follow video.

I have to say, this guy (who filmed his videos while in a bathrobe) sort of changed my life and introduced me to a new passion. Even though he was building background terrain for his model railroad set-up, it was the first real tutorial on making terrain out of construction foam that I had ever seen and it created the fever. I encourage anyone looking to make table top terrain to watch his series (I think there are 8 parts). He does a good job of walking you through the process.

Anyway, the video above lead me to sitting down to make the mountain in the following photos.

I won’t cover the details of construction. Basically I designed it like a wedding cake with layers that can be pulled away to reveal the inner details. Four levels in all with secret entrances and narrow cliffside trails wrapping around it. I have better pics somewhere – but couldn’t find them when writing this up. When I do, I’ll post them here.

** I sold this piece last summer so I could build something new. After four years on the con trail, I was ready for something different. You’ll be glad to now it’s now in good hands and will still be used as a demo piece at cons by the new owner.

IMG_0001-2 IMG_0001-3 IMG_0002-4 IMG_0005 IMG_0501 IMG_0502 IMG_0503 IMG_0546 IMG_0551 IMG_0570 IMG_0596 IMG_0598 IMG_0599

IMG_0503 IMG_0505 IMG_0507 IMG_0548


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