KODT Live Action Series: On-the-Set Diary Day 2

Hectic shooting schedule here so this one will be short.

Tuesday’s shoot ran from around 9 a.m. til 10 p.m. or so. For the second day in a row production came in two hours or so ahead of schedule. Thanks to the great actors, direction and  excellent production/prep we moved  through the script at a good pace.

This is all new to me of course, but I’m told that’s a good thing. 😉

So far so good. I continue to be amazed at the casting and how the characters are coming alive.

** Was interrupted while writing this this morning (around 10 a.m.) to answer some questions about the characters and the backstory for the scene. Six hours later, I remembered I hadn’t posted this. doht!

Most of the scenes up to this point have been at B.A.’s Table and his kitchen. Same for Wed.

Thursday we move to another location to film some outdoor scenes. Very much looking forward to those.

Here’s a pic from Tuesday’s set. Caught Nathan (Bob Herzog) catching five minutes of z-time during a break in one of B.A.’s easy chairs.






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  1. Holy crap! Is that one of my Greyed Out dice bags on the table by Sara’s left hand???!! Where’s that “I’m freaking out at all the awesome” emoji when you need it??

    So awesome to see this whole project come to life!


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