My next project: Harbor Light House

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So here’s my next weekend project.

Recently I was at Michaels and spotted this little bird house (9 inches high) fashioned to look like a light house.

I had already been thinking of doing a follow up to the Pringles Tower but wanted to do somethign a bit different. It occured to be the bird house might make a great form to sculpt over in clay. And for five bucks…?  No brainer.

Not sure when I’ll get started on it, but I’ll post work in progress pics here when I do.




Yesterday I looked it over and decide to cut off the wooden dowels on top and knock the door off. Most likely I’ll seal up the windows before sheathing it in clay. The plan is to make this a harbor lighthouse that sets at the end of one the modular dock sets I did a while back. I also thought it might be fun to add lights to this one.

I ordered a set of these LED tealight candles from Amazon ($6.25 for a dozen). I’m hoping to make the crown of the light house so it lifts off and you can set one of the LED candles inside). We’ll see how that goes when the time comes.


Stay tuned…

While I have your attention I wanted to share these cool photos my pal, Craig Zipse sent me. A year or so ago I sculpted this little ‘sagging boat’ piece and a ‘slimey creature’ from Sculpey. Craig showed some interest in them so I gave them to him. The other day he sent me these photos of them on his table top.

20150125_202136 20150125_202209 20150125_202226 20150125_202247


Pretty cool, eh? Of course doesn’t EVERYTHING look better on Dwarven Forge tiles?

By the way that ‘saggy boat’ in available on my wife’s Etsy shop. Just sayin’

Game on, Folks.

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