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Haven’t had much free time to work on terrain as of late – too many pressing deadlines. But I have managed to set aside thirty minutes each morning to devote to painting up some of the projects that have been piling up on my shelf.

I’m painting up a set of my dock/pier pieces as a gift for a good gaming buddy (missed his b-day a few months ago so it’s a late gift).


IMG_5135 IMG_5137


Still a work in progress. Some more dry brushing to do and highlights but it’s comign along. I was semi-happy with the progress I was making until my buddy Craig Zipse sent me a picture of a new Raft piece he’s working on.

20150127_144028Yah, I feel like I have more to learn. 😉


Oh, I did manage to prep that Harbor Light House piece for the next step (laying on the clay sheathing).

I’ve penciled off where the floor levels will be as well as the door. I also sealed up the bird holes on the side.


For the base, since I want to use this piece with my dock pieces and place it on the end of a long pier, I decided I want it to be on top of stone breakers. Piles of jumbled stone.  Something like this but not nearly as prominent.



But it’s something I want to keep in mind as I move forward. I’m thinking a carved foam base the light house will sit on with the pier running right up to the door (maybe ramping up slightly).

For me part of the fun of thse projects is sometimes letting them lead you as opposed to going in with a fixed idea/plans – so who knows how it will turn out.

More updates to come as I have them.

Game on!



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