Harbor Light House Update

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I mentioned a few weeks ago that I was transforming this birdhouse I picked up at Michaels into a lighthouse.


It’s been slow going – I’ve only been working on it thirty minutes at a time here and there. But with the snow storm over the weekend I finally had some time to sit down and make some progress.

First thing I did was seal the holes up, cut off the top details and penciled in the door and floor levels.



Next, I dug through my bits box and found a Hirst door casting and glued it in place. Since the tower surface is on an angle I made the door plum by pressing some Sculpey behind it.


Next step was sheathing the lower part of the tower with Sculpey, scribing my brick lines and then detailing them. The horizontal lines I marked on the tower are to indicate where the internal floor levels are. Even though this piece can’t be opened up I wanted the external brickwork to extend at each floor level for added detail.

For this piece I was going for a more of a finished stone look than the Pringle’s Castle.



From here I’m just repeating the process and working my way up. The little circle/flattened feature over the door is for something special — which I’ll explain in the next update. There’s an interesting backstory for this lighthouse.



So far so good. I’m always amazed at how quickly a little Sculpey can transform a piece. I’m already thinking of how I’ll paint this up. The most challenge part of this one will be the crown. I’m going to make it so  anLED Tea Light can be placed in it and the GM can actually have the lighthouse flicker and beacon ships to safe harbor.

That’s it for now.

Game On!!


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