KODT Live Action Series: On the Set — Report Day 3 &4

One thing this noob has learned on the set is that there is very little free time during a shooting day. When scenes aren’t actually being filmed, actors are pacing in corners or on stair wells practiczing their lines, camera crews are setting up for the next shot, food’s being hauled in… My job is fairly simple — sitting and being on hand for creative input or to answer a question about a scene I wrote or about one of the characters.  I sometimes feel sorry for those doing the REAL work on the set under the hot lights.

I can’t imagine having to play a scene where you’re supposed to happy and perky after 8 hours of takes and 80 degee plus heat. Especially after four days and coming right off the heels of a major con (Some of the actors also attended GenCon last week, as did Barb and I).

Anyway the long and short of it is, I haven’t found time to set down and log into my journal the past two days. 😉

Day 3 was mostly in “B.A.’s House” again.  I won’t give any spoilers but some of the funniest lines/scenes (IMO) were around his table.

That said, I was glad when the location finally moved yesterday (Day 4) to outside (and several miles away).

I had to break from that scene and drive to the airport and pick up Brian “The Sixth Knight” Jelke.

It was great making the forty minute drive back with Brian in tow and excitedly updating him on the events of the past four days. I just went on and on about how I thought the actors were knocking it out of the ball park and nailing the characters.  I was eager for him to see some of the raw footage taken to see if he agreed.

Soon after arriving at Base Camp and chatting with Ken Whitman, Brian was shown a short clip filmed on Day 2. When Brian immediately burst out laughing, I knew we had worked some magic.

So much more  to report but alas so little time. As I write this we’re grabbing a quick breakfast and then it’s off to a NEW location. Bob and Sheila’s apartment. Today I will to meet “Shee”  (Jessica Miler Russso) for the first time in person. Some of my favorite scenes in the series are in Bob/Shee’s driveway and I’m very much looking forward to seeing them filmed.

Today’s also exciting because a lot of the Kickstarter backers/Extras are arriving. In fact Barb and I are taking them to lunch today.

More tomorrow….

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