A Bridge too Far…

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A few weeks ago I pointed out these doll house picket fences (four bucks for 36 inches) I found at Micheals.


I immediately realized they might make great fodder to build swinging bridges. As luck would have it my buddy Craig Zipse sent me a box of terrain related goodies. In the box there happened to be a resin Aqaurium decor piece that I already owned. This stone bridge.



I decided to sacrifice this piece and take a dremel cut off blade to it. Cutting off the rails and splitting the bridge in half. I thought perhaps they’d make good footings for my swinging bridge project.



Turns out I was right. The new footings are heavy enough to stand on their own and support the weight of the bridge. I left the upright posts from the railing in place.

This is as far as I got but I hope to finish this up soon. The plan is to make different lengths/spans of bridge material so I can adjust the bridge’s width. Jewlerly clasps and brass eyelets I think would work to secure the spans to the footings. I’ll probably run some rope from the upright posts to the eyelets.

Anyway a very cheap solution if you’re looking to add a precarious looking swinging bridge to your table top adventures.


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