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You know this blog wasn’t intended to be JUST about making table top terrain, that’s just ONE of many categories I hoped to touch upon here. My plan is to discuss anything that happens to be on my mind on any given morning. Just so happens that as of late, I’m usually thinking to terrain.

I usually like to get in a half hour or so of sculpting in the morning before I settle down into writing. Unfortunately I haven’t even had time for that the past week or so.

Although I did manage to finish up the stone work on that lighthouse I was working on recently. What do you think…?







You know I’m still surprised how hefty and meaty these things look after a little clay’s been applied. Surprisingly it still weighs only a pound – wood and all.

Now I need to put a top on it. A structure to hold the tea light and a tiled roof. For those following my progress, I’ll keep you updated.

Oh and by the way…

Yes you CAN post replies here. I just have to approve them due to the high level of spam and spambots that go along with WordPress. It just may take me a few days to get around it.

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  1. What type of sculpy do you use?

    I took a liking to it after hearing a great Ravage minis sculptor talk about his use, combining it with the softener they make. This works out well for minis IMHO. Really soft and nice. I don’t know how it would work on large scale.

    Also beware, the softener is not kid safe or non toxic (it is not terrible though). also it will melt other types of rigid plastic. You have been warned. That said, it is like magic what it makes sculpy do, absolute magic.

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