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Hooray for long weekends and frigid temperatures. A great excuse to stay at home in the shop, relaxing with the dog, listening to tunes and sculpting.

Made it my goal Saturday to finally finish up painting the light house I started last month.


Just a reminder — I started with a wooden birdhouse purchased at Michaels and applied clay which I think sculpted. So basically I went from this…



To this;



Next step was to paint it. You might it interesting to know that I painted this piece twice. On the first time around I painted it with grey with black washes and off with highlights — nearly identical to the Pringles Tower. But the more I looked at it afterwards the more unsatisfying I found it to be. It was dark, foreboding and, well a little boring to my eye. I mean everyone paints stone work terrain up with grey and blacks it seems. It’s easy to do and a  little to easy to lean on for me. So I decided to push myself and try something more challenging.

I finally decided to go for a white limestone look or some reddish sandstone. I spent a few hours on pinterest looking for ideas and references.  Since this lighthouse is going to be used in conjunction with the dock/pier pieces I sculpted/cast, I sort of wanted it to stand out when on the table. Especially since last least one adventure I have in mind involves the lighthouse (which also serves as a temple) itself.

Anyway here’s the finished piece.

IMG_2892 IMG_2893


I have to say the photos don’t really do it justice and I’m quite happy without how it turned out.  I think will definitely be doing more pieces in sandstone like this in the future.

I’m not quite done yet however. I still need to add a rocky base (2 to 4 inches in height). For that I will be using extruded foam. I will post work in progress pics when I get around to doing it.

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