Lighthouse/Temple: More on the base

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Well, as it turns out I had a bit of time Saturday to work on the lighthouse base a bit more. As I mentioned before this light house also serves as a temple. Originally I was going to go for a surf swept rock as the base but as I started adding the various washes and textures it occurred to me the keepers of this tower might do a bit of landscaping. So I yielded to impulse and added some vegetation to either side of the steps.

I also added a wooden bench (not yet painted) where I imagine the Keeper sits in the evening pulling a cork and casting a pole while watching the ships come in and out of the harbor. Still some work to do but I’m closing in.


The washes here are still a bit dark in the crevices. They will be lightened up a bit with additional washes.



A wooden bench (Hirst mold) a friend provided me. I think it’ll make a nice lived-in touch. I had considered putting a small plank walkway in this area hanging over the rocks but I didn’t like the way it looked.

Next addition will be some lamps on poles along the walk way the will lead up from the dock below.

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