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So anyone who has been following my posts on Face Book the last couple of years (or this blog) knows I’ve been somewhat obsessed with all things nautical when it come stop my home HackMaster campaign.

The island campaign that started about three years ago led to me collecting and then sculpting and building ships and boats of all types and sizes. That of course led to efforts to sculpt and cast a modular pier/slip set. The dream was to eventually have a large crowded water front set to run demos and events on at both the summer cons and at the home table.

There were many starts and stop along the way but things are finally falling in place.  In a few weeks the “Port of Chaos” will be making it’s debut at GaryCon in Lake Geneva – an event we’ll be running each day. I’ve even hooked my buddy, Steve Lawrence (one of the best GMs I know) to help run it.

Finally the various ships, buildings, towers and lighthouse will come together to hopefully (knock wood) capture the image that’s been rattling around in my brain these many months. The goal’s been to build port/harbor with a labyrinth of piers and slips that sort of organically spread out over the water (as opposed to being carefully planned) – crowded with a wide variety of ships bringing in goods from far away places and representing a mix of cultures. A very tall order.

While I’m not quite there yet, I feel like I’m getting close. Still a lot of boats to paint and rig, pier pieces to cast and buildings to assemble. I’ve posted several pics the last few weeks of the parts set up and assembled in different ways as I’ve been feeling my way along.

Last night, when Steve was visiting we played around with the parts and talked bit about the GaryCon event. Sometime during the conversation I noticed the Shack-on-Stilts piece I made last summer in my display case. It suddenly occurred to me it might make a good fit with the pier pieces. Here’s a shot of it ‘plugged in’ so to speak.

Just a happy accident and now it’s official part of Port Chaos. That’s it just left of the lighthouse.


The next step is to map out the actual layout of the port (the plan is to make cover a table 5′ x 8′ and then finish casting the rest of the needed components before the con next month. I’ll be posting Work in Progress pics here.

By the way a lot of people have been commenting on the ocean/beach matts I’ve been using for this. They are made by Cigar Box Battles. I can’t recommend their stuff high enough.

Some more pics of the port being planned with roughly a 1/3 of the components planned.

IMG_5232 IMG_5233 IMG_5234 IMG_5236

One thing on my list of things to do is adding the masts and stowed sails to the ships – as well as mixing up the painting schemes.




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