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When the wife and I first started making molds and casting in resin were pretty much winging it and flying by the seat of our pants. One thing we did was pour a lot of miscasts. Usually short pours here the resin didn’t quite fill the mold but sometimes an air bubble was the culprit. Not knowing any better I would the pieces in a box labeled ‘rejects’ or simply straight in the trash.

Later I discovered you can actually pour fresh resin over cured resin and save a short pour. You can also pack a void left by an air bubble with baking soda and then touch the area with a spot of super glue. Live and learn. Since learning this it’s been months since anything has been tossed in that reject box.

One thing I discovered by accident when short pouring my boats and ships — curious voids in the planking on the deck would form that made the pieces look like rotted or busted up shipwrecks. The photo below a large sailing ship I sculpted that came out of the mold with such voids. I took a dremel to it and jagged up the edges a bit before painting it. I’m quite pleased with how it turned out.

I plan on basing it on some clear or murky resin with ‘water’ coming up undder the deck and through the holes.


Since I didn’t post here yesterday, I thought I’d share it.

Speaking of boats, the wife is running a deal on her castings between now and Monday.

Get the Bay Runner boat along with a four piece pier set for $30.!! (The boat itself runs for $25.00 on her shop). The deal isn’t being offered on her Etsy listings but you can contact her through her shop to get the deal HERE. Oh and both the pier and boat come unpainted (figures and cargo items are for scale/reference only). Also note the boat can be fitted with a mast/sail if desired.


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