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Haven’t had much time to work on anything the past few days. But I did return to the shipwreck piece during some breaks in writing yesterday. I always try to keep something next to my computer when I get a little writer’s block by the way. Something about picking up a bit of clay, or dipping a brush helps clear the head.

The past year or so I’ve been sculpting and casting ships and boats — but I’ve yet to fully paint/detail any of them to the level I’d really like. For some reason I’ve been putting it off while I come up with ideas and research various ways of rigging them and such.

Anyway, the shipwreck (which was a miscast headed for the trash bin mind you) has been something of a ‘safe’ piece to experiment on. Doing the broken rigging on this piece (which is till a WIP) has gotten me excited about finally getting around to doing full rigs on the other ships.
11018137_10203049428711241_4122662999295646836_n IMG_5308


That said, I struck upon a great tip for rope-making in 28mm scale the other day and I’m anxious to look into it further. Just ordered the bits needed on Amazon. Will post updates when I have something to share.

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