Inktober Day 2

Nitro's dad and son


Inktober #2. Today’s ink wa with a Sharpie fine point over an old pencil Sketch I did a few years ago. A young Nitro with his son. Original context (for a strip I never ended up writing) was a storyline revealing, Nitro’s dad (a dentist) was a model train enthusiast. One day while Nitro was accompanying his old man to the local hobby shop (The Games Pit Stop) the young boy discovers a white boxed edition of HackMaster – and is thus introduced to the world of role-playing.

That flash back strip may appear in the comic someday yet. But regardless, it IS part of Nitro’s backstory I keep in my head when writing for him.

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  1. How funny. The FLGS here on the Westside of Los Angeles, Aero Hobbies, began as a model railroad store in the 70s. I wonder if that was a common origin?

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