Gearing up For GaryCon

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Been busy with getting Knights of the Dinner Table to press (#220) and preparing for GaryCon here the past week or so. Haven’t had time to post.

It is a race to finish up approximately 30 ships/boats and over fifty dock/pier pieces for the event we’re running at the show. My friend Steve Lawrence has been helping with assembling a ‘butt load’ of cargo pieces to populate the harbor. And I’m borrowing as many sailor and laborer NPC type minis as I can get my hands on.

Most of the ships have been cast and are in various stages of the painting process. Here’s portion of them.



Yes – it’s insane. Again the idea is to have the port crowded with ships/boats. Next step is to rig each boat and give each one it’s own personality. There will be varying paint schemes (including some ‘festive’ designs for the wine ships of Dobo).

I had to look at each basic boat/ship type and come up with some simple rigging designs that can be done in assembly line fashion.

For the largest boat I’m going with this design.



It’s a lateen rig. I may do a square right version that can be swapped out.

For most of the small boats I’m going with a variant of this design;


It’s simple (the mast/spur on this one hasn’t been painted yet btw) but effective. Best of all the spur can be twisted/posed so I can change the angle, make it lateen or square rigged, raise, lower…  All very useful when trying to make 30 boats look like cookie-cutter versions each other.

Hoping I have time to knock out a fistful of oars and other items. But time is quickly running out.


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