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Welcome back. Been sort of quiet here the past week or so. The wife and were at GaryCon in Lake Geneva celebrating the life of Gary Gygax along with hundreds of our fellow gamers. What a great time. Tossing dice with good friends is my idea of a good time. GaryCon VII was my favorite so far. I will not try to report everything that transpired here — at least not today. I have neither the time or energy as I play catch-up.

As you know, I spent the past year or so assembling and sculpting ships, boats, docks and other items for something dubbed, The Port of Chaos. The past month the effort to finish before its debut at GaryCon became something of a foot race. Hundreds of little cargo items had to be painted as well as a sea wall for the town next to the port. Then everything had to be packed up and transported and then set up at our table.

Well — it appears the port was a huge success. My friend Steve Lawrence took the helm behind the screen and ran groups up to 15 in number through the port over a four day period. I think I witnessed more PC deaths on a single table than I’ve ever seen in my 40 some years of gaming. In a word it was EPIC! lol. Although admittedly we ran simple skirmishes this time out with teams vs. teams as opposed to a full adventure — that will come later upcoming cons.

I thought I’d share some pictures of the port as it appeared at GaryCon. Many thanks to Bruce Heard for taking these beautiful pics.











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