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Another quick post today. Still playing catch-up on Knights of the Dinner Table after GaryCon.

One of the things I felt was missing from the Port of Chaos as I watched gamers playing on it during its debut at the con were smaller boats. Little 1 to 3 man craft that would be used ferry about the harbor, shuttling back and forth between deep anchored ships and just getting from point A to B.

I had a could of Mountain Building Authority’s rowboats but I’ve always found them a bit TOO small – you can hardly get a 28mm fig to stand up in it, let alone tw0.

Saturday I found myself with down time when I took a break from writing and resolved to finally fill that particular void in my growing fleet of ships/boats.

Here are a couple of pics of it during the sculpting process.

IMG_3207 IMG_3208


And here’s a picture of the first cast out of the mold.



I’m really happy with this little guy. Three and a half hours from the time I picked up the Sculpy to pouring the mold. I think that’s a personal record for me. Was just a simple design.

One of the things that sped this project up was the fact I was using a new product I hadn’t used before. Super Sculpey Firm™ One of the issues I have with regular Sculpy is it gets soft and bit sticky after you’ve worked with it for a while. It can be a challenge sometimes to get sharp details unless you stop and let it cool or put a piece in the fridge for a few minutes.

Sculpey Firm solves that’s problem. It’s a grey compound that, as the name implies, is firmer. I put it somewhere between Green Stuff and Sculpy.  A nice medium for applications like this where you need. Whereas with regular Sculpey I find i have to sculpt, bake the piece, apply more clay, bake, repeat – with Sculpey Firm I only had to bake the piece once. Huge time saver and as a bonus it’s much easier to get firm/sharp details without the Sculpey wanting to stick to the tools or losing shape under gentle pressure. I really love this stuff.

I plan on casting about ten of these little guys for the Port of Choas (always good to have a some extras in the Event boxes). Then it should pop up on my wife’s Etsy shop for those who want one.

Looking down the road I want to make up a BUNCH of little oars for the Port. Been looking around the net for some ideas on how to make them. If you have a tip or ideas let me know.

update: did a quick paint up one that first casting.


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