Cargo Hoist Project

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One of the things missing from the Port of Chaos was some sort of crain or hoist to aid in the unloading of cargo on the larger ships.  I looked at some kits available at various sites online but for the most part they were way too big for my purposes or not exactly what I was looking for.

That led me to sort through my “Bits Box” over the weekend — a card board box I toss items into that would otherwise go in the trash bin. Anything with an interesting shape or the potential to be worked into a project.

I found a miscast wagon tongue/chassis from one of my ox carts that I thought might make a good boom. I also found a couple of resin roof trusses my friend Craig Zipse provided for one of his building kits that I hadn’t ended up using. With no real plan I began fiddling with these bits and came up with something that actually looked workable.


Doesn’t look much at this stage but I have the basic set up for a weighted hoist.


Adding some balsa wood beams and extending the boom – it’s starting to look like something.


Now we’re talking. Adding some rope and a pallet (of sorts) along with a block of stone for wieght (Sculpey) I started getting excited about this piece. Now when I started I had planned join it being static – but as it turns out it actually works. You can turn the spindle and raise/lower the pallet and raise/lower the boom on a pivot.

The hardest part of this project (which only took a few hours) was making wheels with hand spokes for either side of the spindle/axle.

I accomplished that by cutting narrow (1/8th inch) pieces of 1/8th inch wood dowel and carefuly drilling holes with a Dremel and gluing pieces of tooth picks in as my hand spokes. They aren’t perfect but as I like to say, “Good enough for Table Top!!” 😉

Here’s the crane set out on some of my dock pieces.



I think the hoist makes a nice addition to the port. I have no plans on attempting to cast this at the moment. I *might* but it’s not a high priority. BTW those are the small row boats I did over the weekend in the picture.


IMG_3186Another shot of the hoist on the Harbor Master’s Pavillion. Don’t dare to off load or load your ship without getting your paperwork stamped by the master and paying your fees.

I got several emails asking about progress on that Keebler Cone ship project I posted about last week. I haven’t started on it yet. I’m a bit short on free time at the moment and have it on my list of things to do — hopefully I’ll have some time to work on it this weekend.




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