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Not much time for sculpting lately – except for 15 minutes here and there during writing breaks. For a long time I’ve been wanting to do little cargo loads (blocks of goods and trade items) for my boats and ox cart. Setting up the port it’s a PITA putting out all the little fiddly bits. A crate here, a coil of rope there, a few barrels there.

I will continue using individual items like that but I thought it would be nice to have unified pieces when setting up a lot of the ships and carts. Eventual plan is to maybe come up with five or 6 such ‘loads’ to mix things up. I hate the cookie-cutter effect when using multiple pieces of the same item.

So… here’s my first stab at cargo loads.

First up is a load of coal or ore (unpainted here obviously)


I’m particularly proud of the boat cargo load. I sculpted everything  by hand with the exception of the honey pots (modified wooden beads from Michaels). It was a happy accident that a hole can be drilled down through it and the ship mast lines up perfectly. I hope to do some variations of this for each boat type as well as the Voyager canoe (which I think would look really cool piled high with provisions).



Next the obligatory load of straw/haw. This was easy five minute job — using a metal brush comb I bought off Amazon for $3.00. Best investment ever.





Pretty easy to pull these off I’m finding – and it’s a challenge to come up with ideas for different types of trade items to include. I enjoy doing these so I may focus on doing these for a bit. Course it dawned on me AFTER I made the boat cargo load that I could mold/cast each item individually and then group them together in a wide variety of configurations and then make molds of those. Yeah, still learning. That’s they way I’ll be going while moving forward. I’m doing some of my own crates and barrels (although I’m finding doing barrels a while challenge).

Yes it’s reinventing the wheel a bit – there are countless amazing casts of such pieces out there. But I don’t want any licensing/legal issues should I turn these over to the wife for her shop down the road. Besides – it’s fun.

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