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So my business partner gave me this scratch built building he bought off eBay. He had a bit of buyer’s remorse — wasn’t quite what he expected (He’s a huge MBA collector).

Nothing against whoever built the thing by the way if you happened to be out there.

Has a nice sound design and I know it was made to be easy on the wallet.

The shingles, windows and doors were of the ‘gitter done’ variety (or as I like to call it, “Good enough for table top”.— just strips of card stock cut out and glued on.

And the original/paint job (I covered the entire thing in primer in the photo below) didn’t really go with the rest of my buildings.


Anyway, I decided this would be a fun project to upgrade.

For now it’s sitting on a shelf while I mull over what to do with it. But I’m thinking of stripping off the shingles and redoing them (I like smaller shingles – just a personal preference), cutting out the paper-strip windows and doors and putting in resin or wooden pieces you can see through.  Maybe add a chimney stack. Possibly even a balcony.

Again the basic build isn’t bad – there are some actually some things the original builder did I’m going to borrow for my future building projects.

So here’s a before picture. I’ll keep you posted.

Projects in the ‘To Do” pile are beginning to build up so it might take a while to get back to those.

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