Hoist the Sails!


Last special the wife ran on her resin pieces went so well she’s running another one. One week only.


Get the dock as pictured with a small boat, rigging and a cargo load as a group. All unpainted (white resin).

Includes the following

2 x footer/risers
1 x Straight dock/pier span
1 x 45 degree dock/pier span*
1 boat
1 mast/sail rig (as pictured with sail furled).

All for $30.00!!!

For an additional $15 ($45 total) can provide painted as shown (please allow 3-4 days processing).

Two miniatures in pic not included – for scale only.

Payment via paypal. Message me for details.

* 45 degree span can be swapped out for an additional straight span if desired.

Offer ends April 30th or for ten sets – which ever comes first.

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