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Life continues to be busy. Haven’t had much time for new sculpts recently other than some small goods/cargo items I’ve knocked out on my Funday-Sundays.

I did manage to paint up this ship last night. As I mentioned a few posts ago, I received some of Gamer Decor’s aged wood painting sets. Thought I’d give it a try on one of my ships. This is the result.



Not bad. Similar to the way I’ve been painting my other ships but (and the photo may not capture this) the tones are richer.

Speaking of ships this one is actually Rev2 of the large sailing ship I sculpted last year (but only began casting a few months ago). The mold for this ship had a catastrophic blow out (which can happen after 70+ castings). Rather then simply make a new mold from my master, I decided to make a few changes to the boat that had been bugging me.

Biggest changes are the little side panels transitioning from the main hull to the aft castle. That area seemed a little too boxy to me and the transition matches the one on the forecastle. Good news is those panels snap off easily if I want to go back to Rev1’s.

I mentioned cargo/goods items. Here are a few pics of one batch I did on Sunday. All original sculpts/castings except for that cage — that came off a charm bracelet.


IMG_5484 IMG_5485




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