The “Busy Time of the Year”

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Life continues to be busy as we edge into our busiest time of the year hear. With near back to back conventions (Origins, Nexus and GenCon) if I’m not prepping for a con in the coming weeks, I’m recovering from one. And through it all the monthly issues of Knights of the Dinner Table must feed the beast (what I call the presses).

Long story short, I’ve had very little time to sculpt, paint or do much on the gaming terrain front — other than touch up and expand the Port of Chaos a bit by adding more ships and dockworks. I actually got a bit over zealous with the ships — I hand painted/rigged of the large ships, as it turns out I won’t have room for (GaryCon spoiled us by giving us a 5 x 10 table). The wife put these up for sale last night ($70 each plus $5.95 for shipping). There are going fast (five left as I write this). If you’re interested in one drop me an email at the link to the right. Here’s one of them below. (they come handprinted and fully rigged as shown).



Anyway, I’m aching to do some more sculpting/projects. More importantly, I’m anxious to get back to a few I started weeks ago which have been side burnered.

As soon as I have more work in progress pics on one of them, I will post them.

Until then, Game on! Hope to see some of you at Origins in two weeks.

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