Summertime, Summertime, BUSY time…

Been awhile since I posted here. Apologies.  Summer is my busiest time of year. The con season starts with GaryCon and then it’s just a losing battle of trying to stay on top of the KODT monthly schedule up until fall when I finally can play catch up.

On the other hand it’s great seeing friends at cons, tossing dice and meeting readers.

We’ve been busy here at the ‘compound’ as well. After 8 years of tracking mud into the house from my home office in the back yard the wife has put her foot down and demanded we finally put in a slab and sidewalk.

Now normally, this is the type of home project I love tackling — but no time. So we broke down and for the first time ever hired someone to do work for us on the house.  Currently the backyard is a mess. The contractors came out and set up the forms and did just enough work (as they typically do) to tie us up and then left to chase other jobs and haven’t been back. But — they called last night and said they are planning on being here this week. So a big relief there.

Which brings me to the subject of this post.

We are running something we call “Operation Pay the Darn Thing Off” here. The plan is to pay for the work with the wife’s “Fun Money” from her Etsy shop. So she’s running the following special:

She’s selling 20 sets of an expanded “Fleet in a Box” offer.


Ten ships at almost half of her listed Etsy prices.



Includes the following;

Ten ships with masts/tillers along with a cargo item.

2 large Sailing ships. (Etsy price: $45×2= $90)
2 Fishing Boats (Etsy price: $15×2= $30)
2 small sailing boats (Etsy price: $12.00×2 = $24)
1 Sagging Rowboat (Etsy price: $10.00)
1 Bay Runner Sailing ship (Etsy price: $25)
1 Voyager Canoe (Etsy price: $12)
1 row boat (Etsy price: not available on our shop currently)
1 Cargo Item ((Etsy price: not available on our shop currently))

Comes with wooden dows for DIY rigging and sticks for the tillers.

* Note all ships come unrigged and unpainted.

This is a limited time offer limited to 20 sets.>>

Free shipping anywhere in the U.S. for $100. We will ship elsewhere if you cover the shipping. Message me if your interested.

If you want to see better pics of each ship you can check our Etsy site.

Note that this is NOT being offered on Etsy. If you want one contact either myself or Barbara directly. You can contact me via Facebook or click on the “contact me” tab above the header at the top of the page.


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