Boy I was right about Summer being busy…

Just realized this morning it has been a few months since my last post here. Summers are terribly busy at KenzerCo. The big cons back to back with smaller cons scattered in between here and there drag all of us away from our desks. There’s time lost prepping before a con which wrecks production/concentration and of course there’s recovering and settling back into the chair at the desk after the con which does the same thing.

The upside is I come back from cons reenergized having had a chance to hang with both old and new friends and rubbing elbows with readers. Tossing dice. Raising toasts. Discovering all the new gaming goodness being offered up. I love it. Perks of the job I suppose.

Downside is the monthly magazine schedule never stops. Regardless of where I go, when or for how long the monthly beast demands to be fed. So it’s a cycle each year of falling behind in the summer and then catching up into the Fall/Winter. Just how it goes. And one of the reasons I haven’t had a non-working vacation/break in two decades.

The other result of the above is I begin posting less and less both here and to

Which brings me to today’s subject…



I just wanted to make a quick post here today to get back into the routine. I thought I’d start out by sending out a big round of thanks to friends, readers of Knights of the Dinner Table and ZOE (Zombie Orpheus Entertainment).

I won’t go over the details here (I want to keep this positive) but you may have heard that last month just days before the world premiere of the Knights of the Dinner Table Live Action Series premiere at GenCon the producer announced he was canceling the after party (where backers and actors were to have an opportunity to celebrate) and that he wasn’t going to honor his promise of bringing the actors to GenCon (travel/lodging). It was such a shock and a let down.

When hours to prepare there was a scramble to make things right. Ben Dobyns and Chris Ode of ZOE took took up the heavy lifting of finding a venue for  a ‘replacement party”. All on their own dime using their own resources and contacts.

Two days before the premiere, an anonymous donor stepped up to say he would cover airfare for one of the actors. Late night calls were made to contact the actor (who had taken time off work for the premiere but found out at the last minute d20 Entertainment wasn’t providing him a ticket or lodging) to see if he could even make it still. Texts going back and forth Emails being exchanged trying to pin down flight times.

While travel was taken care of we didn’t  have a place for the actor to stay and the hotels in Indy were book solid. An email to Peter Atkinson (owner of GenCon) was sent out, asking if he might know of any options. His reply was amazing. “I can provide a room”. And then a few seconds later. “And it’s on me”.

That same night, Barratt Moy contacted me on Facebook asking if anyone else needed lodging. When I said yes he informed me he would cover it.

These developments were happening so fast my head was spinning. I was up for the job of driving the truck with all our product and booth materials to Indy this year so my wife and I had to hit the road while this was all still going on. Through it all Ben Dobyns and Chris Ode are sending a flurry of texts. Arranging for someone to meet the actor at the airport. Nailing down the venue. I can’t even begin to tell you how much work these guys did. And this is ZOE – they have their hands full as it is with their own events and headaches at GenCon.

I thanked Ben and Chris so often through all of this that I’m sure they got sick of me saying it.

** And while I’m on the subject, Ben made it very clear his agenda wasn’t to ‘swoop in’ and work some angle on taking over KODTLAS. It was about gamers being treated badly, he told me and showing folks how a kickstarter project SHOULD have gone ( lot of ZOE fans backed KODTLAS after all, because two of their star actors (Nathan Rice and Christian Doyle) were on board).

There were other heroes. Publishers like Necromancy Games, Fat Dragon Games and others (and I’m sorry I didn’t get list of everyone) donated product for the after party or offered discounts.

And of course there were the KODT readers/fans themselves. It was strange feeling that the folks who had put up money (in many cases over $300, for the privilege of seeing the premiere and attending the after party) were sending messages and emails of support. These were the very folks who were getting burned and treated so badly. Apologizing to ME for what *I* was going through?

Needless to say I was touched.

We’ve had a relationship with our readers or over two decades. Many of the folks I consider dear and old friends today, I me through KODT. I’ve watched the children of KODT readers grow over the years and in turn become subscribers themselves. (like that doesn’t make one feel old). We’ve become an extended family in many ways. So I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised.

You know the KODTLAS project (even though it wasn’t ours to run or manage) has been a long journey,  one with a lot of frustrations and let downs along the way.

But there have also been a lot of highs. More than enough to make up for the problems. I love he cast and crew one and all. They deserved a premiere and a chance to mingle with the backers who made the film possible and in the end — they got it.

As we filed into the room for the premier my stomach was in knots. There’d been a lot of drama the previous days/hours and I wasn’t exactly sure who things would go. As I took my seat and saw the smiles on the faces of those in the room and on the faces of the actors the knots went away.

Somehow, despite all the challenges, we had made it.

And it was made possible by the goodwill and hard work of some very good people who stepped. up. Thanks!

11903728_10204072075556773_9005943248823689880_n-1You made this picture possible. At least two of those faces (Josh and Jenny) wouldn’t have been in it if not for everyone turning out to turn a bad situation into a good one.

Follow Up: Wanted to add that the wife and I put up some of our personal KODT movie prop items on eBay last week to raise some money to reimburse some of folks who put up money to bring the actors in. I’m proud to announce it was a success. Once again, gamers helping gamers. 😉

** Edit: I mentioned a long journey. I was reminded of my thoughts on the first day of shooting KODTAS a year ago this week. You can read those thoughts here.




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  1. Gamers are good people. 🙂

    I really enjoyed episode 1; what’s the status of episodes 2 and 3. I understand unedited footage was shown at GenCon?

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