A buddy of mine emailed me the other day and said he’d discovered my blog a few weeks ago and spent some time catching up. He claimed it was all very fascinating to him. The various projects, insights into working on KODT, etc. But he finished with, “Why, blog? You write all the time. You have an outlet for your creative streak. Why bother?”

My reply was immediate. “It keeps me sane.”

The monthly magazine and other projects all have deadlines associated with them. And that means there is some stress involved. Catching up on the monthly print cycle. Worrying if any given strip is good enough. Wondering if readers are going to rebel. You know – the typical worries and stress that go with any job.

I get that this is a dream job for many, the notion of writing and doodling and getting paid to do it. And trust me, it IS for me as well. But it’s hard work and it’s the type of job that never quite leaves you when you push away from the desk. I’m always thinking of the current strip, I’m working on or the next one. Taking notes. Rereading old issues for recall so I can maintain continuity. I’m used to it after 25 years but takes it’s toll.

Through trial and error, I’ve figured out that the best way to avoid burn out and to keep the ideas coming is to set aside time when I do something completely unrelated to KODT.

Taking a drive at night is one of the best remedies. Sadly, I live in an area with lots of urban sprawl so that’s not as relaxing (or rewarding) as it once was when I lived in rural Indiana. Some time in the deep soaker tub with the whirlpool and air jets on max, ears just under the surface like some deprivation chamber — that really soothes the noise in my head and gets the ideas flowing as well.

Something, I only rediscovered a year or so ago is that, painting minis, sculpting  or crafting really relaxes me and recharges my batteries. Funny because there was a time, about 15 serfs ago when, I KNEW that. But somehow that activity in my life fell to the wayside. It wasn’t until the Bones I kickstarter a few years ago and the daunting task of painting over a hundred figs that was prompted to pick up a brush in fact.

And finally, just getting my thoughts on the page or screen helps. No deadlines. Writing about whatever comes to mind. I find that’s more relaxing and helpful then almost anything thing above. So yeah, that’s why I blog occasionally here.

Oh, there’s a  a picture of my dog, Violet up above because she helps rejuvenate my spirits as well as helps with writer’s block. Nothing like petting that little mop of hair on her head to make the stress go away.

And not that I’ve rambled for about 500 words or so, I’m feeling relaxed enough to drift off to sleep. 😉



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