Exalted Die Shrines



For the past three months or so I’ve been slowly building up a small batch/short run of the Exalted Die Shrines.

I wanted to have 25 for Con on the Cob. I’ve managed to do 20. This is a limited run set. I may do more in the future but with alerations. Whatever doesn’t sell at the con I’ll probably save for Game Hole in November or give to the wife to sell on her Etsy shop.

This is just a fun little item for those who have a cherished ‘lucky’ or named-die. The Claw on top exalts your die and holds it up in honor — pleading to the gawds of the game to bestow even more magical energies onto it.

And for those dice that are poor performers or who have let you down…? There is a “pit of shame” in the base under the claw where errant dice and contemplate the errors of their way in total darkness. And, if the fates take mercy, some luck may trickle down from the exalted die to lift it up out of despair.  😉

So if you happen to be at the con come grab one — once they are gone they are likely to stay gone for awhile.







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