Update on my adventures in 3D Printing

GM_Forge LOGO art2

So back in February I reported had dipped my toe into 3D printing. It’s been quite an adventure. I still find it fascinating. More importantly, I find it inspirational. As one of my friends recently told me, “Jolly you seem be be having a creative explosion”. It’s true.

As a writer who cranks out a monthly magazine I find I’m chained to a desk most of the time and putting in long hours. Over the years I’ve developed a happy of working for an hour or so and then rewarding myself with a 15 minute break where I do FUN stuff. It might be painting a miniature, reading a comic, watching a bit of a favorite tv show, listening a tune or simply throwing sticks for the dog outside my home office in the yard.

I still do all those things above but now there is this thing I share my office with that makes magic 24/7 (seemingly). The routine goes something like this. I find something I’d like to print (such as something I’ve designed myself during those 15 minute breaks but frequently something from Thingverse.com). I send it to the printer and then I continue with my work. 4 to 17 hours later? Something fun and wonderful is waiting for me (hopefully) on the printer bed.

It has just made the route of my work day a little brighter. All week I print up little things and throw them in a box. When Sunday rolls around, when I dedicate the afternoon to paining minis and making terrain I reach int he box and paint some of those things up. Here’s a sampling of goodies that have come off my printer the last 8 weeks.



12733522_10204947410399597_3745227408587243644_n 12745831_10204954809504570_3860533771284225225_n 12809676_10205212521507209_4082140986665201693_n 12898391_10205218510096920_4141192658661343114_o 12936671_10205219144552781_3464006419096376476_n






As you can see I’ve been focusing mostly on making buildings. I find they are easy to design and  the texture of 3D printer pieces lends itself to such things as wood and shingles.

Anyway it’s a relaxing hobby and complements my painting/sculpting interests. Every new project is an adventure.

I’ll try to go in more detail next time out on how I approach making buildings with 3D printed pieces. It’s a hybrid process. Part 3D printed. Part had sculpted.

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