Adventures in 3D Printing continued…

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Been a busy year. Since getting the 3D printer in February, I’ve become the proud papa of a SECOND printer. Twice as much fun and twice the output.  I’ve been meaning to share some walk thru’s on my design process from concept to end piece but alas my bandwidth these past few months has been tight. So for now I’ll just share some pictures of some of the various items I’ve 3D printed.

I’ve been working on an adventure that centers around a captured NPC/Monster in a village square. I couldn’t find an existing piece for what I was looking for, a hanging basket. So I ended up making one. Entire design process took about two hours initially. Then about an hour to print the result. another hour of tweaking the design (first one was too thin) and then a final print (this of course was spread out over many days in short work sessions).

Really happy with the end result. Nice thing about this piece is it can be scaled up or down to accommodate larger minis.

If you want one for your own you can buy the file for a few bucks on our Etsy site (should be listed to the right in the side bar). I have a few other 3D files posted with more to come.

All I ask if you pay the modest fee for the file is to not share it or ‘release’ it. The few dollars these files garner help pay for materials and software so I can continue playing around with designs.

As always interested in feedback of any sort.

Happy Gaming!

Screenshot 2016-06-01 11.19.09 Screenshot 2016-06-01 11.17.46 13346403_10205549412409271_2597907664879106763_n

Update: After making this post the variant of the hanging cage came off the printer below.



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