Ship Ahoy Part Two: The Big Build

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As promised more work in progress pics on the new ship. I haven’t had a lot of time to work on this since my last post although that doesn’t mean I haven’t made some speedy progress.

I’m finding combining the 3D printed frame work with my self-deigned wooden plank stamps is really speeding things up.

I was able to assemble the keep pieces (which I glued down on a wood base so they wouldn’t warp when baked), add the external skin of planking, sculpt the floor planking in the cargo hold and even test fit the frame work for the second deck with about 3 hours work spread over several days.

At this point everything is at the “let’s see how this works” stage. I opted to make a prow/bowspirit assembly that will be glued on after wards and then blended with the planking. I haven’t hit on the right look just yet — so more no that in the weeks to come.

I’m pretty happy with the results so far. Now the lower deck/keel looks boxy at this stage. That will be great diminished once I add the exterior details and some trim. Those along with the jutting prow/bowspirit and a huge rudder/assembly will help greatly. And the over hanging fore/aft decks will take it to the next level. Because this is ultimately meant for table top play and large skirmish/ship boarding action I had to make some design choices that would allow for molding/casting.

Again the ship will have a lift way top deck that will reveal the inside. At this point I the test fitting of the main deck frame/sections will help me determine where the holes for the two primary masts will go as well as other details. Then they’ll be redesigned and printed out again.

Here are some pics of the ship in its current state.




Note that main deck is in three sections. Each will lift off when finished. Plan is to sheath the 3D material with green stuff and texture. Voids will be filled with clay and sculpted (just like the bottom of the boat currently). An internal skin of planking will be applied to the hull was well.

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  1. Wow! Let me know when this comes out. It looks awesome. Would love a larger ship like this. I already have the Sailing and Rowboat combo.

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