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Been crazy busy here with my real job (monthly issue of Knights of the Dinner Table and other product). But — I have had time to dable with both sculpting and 3D design work during breaks in writing.

The HUGE ship I talked about in my last post has been coming along slowly. A few close friends have come over to see it as it progresses and assure me they are ‘amazed’. Bottom hull is finished and I hope to start working on the upper decks as winter progresses. But the past several weeks work on it has been side tabled while I consider different designs/approaches. I’m not in too much of a hurry and just wanting to take my time and make the right choices as  I proceed since there are no plans and it’s all in my mind’s eye at this point.


That said I’ve been keep the 3D printers running almost non-stop. From ship hardware pieces to add details to my existing ships (like the crow’s nest below) to my hanging baskets. Check out the Etsy shop (link to the right of this page) if you want to look at other pics or order a few.


15554768_10206869835179015_1845363539_n 15592537_10206869834899008_669097668_n


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